Extreme weather advice

Recent weeks have witnessed a series of extreme weather events, and the impacts of Storms Babet and Ciaran persist. 🌧️💨 While the most significant effects have been felt in Yorkshire, the East and West Midlands, and along the South Coast, Norfolk has also experienced severe localised flooding. 🌊

More flood warnings are expected in the coming weeks. If you encounter a flood or need assistance, please contact the Norfolk Flooding Hotline at 0344 800 8013. ☎️

The Environment Agency strongly advises signing up to flood warning and staying informed about the latest safety advice. Check for the latest flood warnings An interactive map is available here.🗺️

For additional information and resources, visit the Gov.uk website:

🔗 Check the long-term flood risk for an area in England.

🔗 Prepare for flooding, including who to contact and how to protect your property.

🔗 Report a flood or possible cause of flooding, such as burst water mains or flooded sewers.

🔗 Find guidance on what to do before or during a flood, including staying safe and reporting problems.

Let’s stay informed and safe during these challenging times. #FloodSupport #StaySafe