Planning Applications

The local planning authority notifies all planning applications that affect the Town Council for their consideration and comment.

Harleston with Redenhall Town Council, as a statutory consultee of South Norfolk District Council (SNDC), is then asked to comment on all planning applications within the Town.  The Town Council is consulted for its local knowledge but does not determine a Planning Application.

This is the role of the planning committee at SNDC made up of Councillors or sometimes by the planning officers using delegated powers. Their decisions are based on Planning Policies set out in the Local Plan, Planning Policy Statements (PPS) and Government Guidance.

SNDC must take into account, but not necessarily follow, the views or recommendations of the Town Council.

The Town Council’s comments upon individual planning applications considered at meetings are normally included in their minutes which are available by clicking here.

The Town Council has the right (separate from supporters and objectors) to speak at the planning meetings if they feel strongly enough about a particular development.

We are a developer and want to understand the needs of the Town Council?

Any potential developer is encouraged to contact the Town Council and meet with them to discuss their proposals prior to submitting them to the Planning Authority. This can assist the developer in providing a more community lead development.

How do I view the plans?

Details of planning applications affecting a property are posted up in public by the planning authority close to that property.

Full details of planning applications also appear on the SNDC web site, and you can also make comments on applications through this site.

What do I do if I have an interest or want to object to a Planning Application?

First you must view the plans and supporting documentation.

If you wish to object you must write to, or email SNDC and send a copy to the Town Clerk so that we are aware of your views.  If you need help contact SNDC who can advise you of relevant procedures.

Unless you have valid planning reasons, your letter will be wasted.

For more guidance and for a basic introduction to the planning system along with the role of the Town Council please see the slides to a training course that the members of the Town Council’s Planning Committee attended on the 22nd September 2023 A basic introduction to planning system webinar – Norfolk ALC (September 2023)

The South Norfolk Planning site states that ‘ we will only consider comments or objections that are significant and relevant to planning. For example:’

  • Overlooking – the proposal would lead to previously private areas being overlooked to an unacceptable level
  • Overshadowing – the height or proximity of the development would be such that unreasonable overshadowing would occur
  • Disturbance – there would be unacceptable intrusion in the form of noise, odour, general disturbance
  • Overbearing – the scale of the works means that the property/premises has an oppressive impact on surrounding areas/houses
  • Out of character – if the design of the development, its scale and use, is such that it appears to be out of character with its surroundings
  • Road safety – the development may lead to a significant impact on road safety.

Other things which Redanhall with Harleston Town Council believe should be taken into considerations include:

  • Environment – impact on natural assets, loss of public amenity space or facilities, loss of trees, risk of flooding
  • Infrastructure – impact on public services such as schools, doctors, dentists and library
  • Conservation – impact on historic and cultural assets

Things which South Norfolk Council will not consider as planning considerations include:

  • Issues covered by other legislation
  • Loss of value to a property, loss of a private view, and potential difficulties in property maintenance
  • Private interests of objectors, the effect of the proposal on property values and competition between rival companies

The examples listed above are definitive but not comprehensive and are a guide to assist in the preparation of letters or statements of support or opposition.

If you do wish to object there is a lot of excellent guidance on the internet.  You may also make comment to the Town Council at the appropriate meeting, but the Council is not obliged to pass on any such comments to the planning authority.

The Town Clerk will be able to tell you when a particular application is due to come before the Parish Council.

Please view more information on CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) and S106 – Information on S106 & CIL and SNC Guidance note S106

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