Team Harleston

Harleston Town Council have created ‘Team Harleston’ to help bring together the various groups and organisations within the town to work as one.  A forum where people can present their ideas and we can all work together to the benefit of everyone.

Team Harleston is a concept and initiative to help our groups and organisations work together.  Team Harleston is not another formal group looking to replace what is already being achieved by our marvellous groups, but a way to help us all talk to each other and work together.  There has been a desire from the community for closer working for many years and we are now delivering on that desire.

We provide a town wide consolidated events calendar to showcase all that is happening in one place.  The aim is that all groups will take up the offer to register their events so that we can maintain a central calendar, and display a vibrant and full programme throughout the year.

Team Harleston is an opportunity for everyone to join in and be part of something important for the community.  Success depends on the community working together.  We will look to ways of building events which are much bigger than that which would be possible by an any organisation alone.

Together, we are Team Harleston.